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The Studio

Bender Mastering Studio is a dedicated mastering facility located in the north of Portugal, providing attended sessions locally and online mastering services for the rest of the world. Our studio is equipped with high-end analogue gear from manufacturers like Focal, Prism Sound, Maselec, elysia or TK Audio. Our analogue gear is complemented with a vast selection of digital tools from developers like Audiofile Engineering, iZotope, DMG Audio, TDR, Sonoris or Voxengo.

The studio is owned by Miguel Pinheiro Marques, a mastering engineer with a music degree that used to work as a recording engineer before opening this facility. Miguel was a founding member of Estúdios Sá da Bandeira, an all analogue recording studio where he worked till 2009, a year before he opened Bender Mastering Studio. Since the opening of this studio he had the pleasure to master music in almost all music genres, working with both local or independent artists and with major labels.

Besides his work as a mastering engineer, Miguel is also an author for pro audio magazines and technical book publishers. He currently writes for AudioXpress, mostly doing gear reviews for this US based magazine. He published his first pro audio book in early 2014, written in Portuguese, called “Sistemas e Técnicas de Produção Áudio“. This book features in-depth articles on the systems, equipments and techniques used for music production in a studio environment. The book is widely available and sold in both Portugal and Brazil.

Gear list


Focal SM9
AKG K601


elysia xpressor
Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2
Prism Sound Orpheus
TK Audio MMC


DMG Audio Compassion, Equilibrium
FabFilter Pro-MB, Pro-DS
Nugen Audio ISL, VisLM
Pro Audio DSP DSM
Sonoris Mastering Compressor, Equalizer
TDR Feedback Compressor II, SlickEQ GE
Voxengo Elephant, VariSaturator


Enertec/Schlumberger F500 · 1/4″ · Stereo · 3.75, 7.5 or 15 ips · IEC


Reaper 4
Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager
Audiofile Engineering Spectre
Audiofile Engineering Triumph
Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor
HOFA DDP Player Maker
Izotope RX 3 Advanced


Sterling Modular Plan A
ATR & RMG Tape
VOVOX Cables

Mastering audio and our services



We provide professional mastering audio services both from analogue or digital sources. We can also produce verified physical masters and/or digital DDP images for CD duplication.


We have large experience in mastering audio for vinyl. We can also arrange orders for producing duplates, reference cuts or master lacquers for best quality control.

Web & iTunes

We can master your audio for web, video and for all online music platforms, including the “Mastered For iTunes” program. This way your music will sound at its best regardless the playback platform.

Audio Restoration

We also provide audio restoration services and format conversions, including converting old analogue tapes to digital supports. For audio restoration services email us to get a quote.

What's mastering?

Mastering is the final step before the distribution or manufacturing of a music record and is, therefore, one of the most important stages of audio production. It is the final chance to get everything to sound as great as it can sound, in a wide range of different playback systems and formats.

Mastering is the process of converting mixes to records and prepare them to be distributed or manufactured by producing high-quality masters, in CD form, DDP images, vinyl lacquers or digital files. It's in mastering that all mixes are fine-tuned so they can translate well in every type of speaker, where all mixes are balanced and levelled so they can sound related and part of the same record and where all fades and edits are made to produce the final product.

In this digital age where online music stores are a big part of music distribution making sure your music translates well and that it is optimised for every type of format available is also a big part of what mastering is about. We are prepared to master for almost every medium available, be it an audio CD, vinyl or the new "Mastered for iTunes" format.

How much and how you can pay

Rates and Payments

Item Description Price
(A) Rate for each minute of music to be mastered €9
(B1) CD or DDP master (< 25 minutes) €25
(B2) CD or DDP master (> 25 minutes) €40
(C) Vinyl lacquers and dub-plates Contact us
(D) Shipping Contact us

(A) Our studio rate is €9 for each minute of music to be mastered, no matter how many tracks the record has. For example, if the final mastered record has a 40 minute length you will be charged €360. If it’s just a 11 minute EP, final price will be €99. Or, if it is a 3 minute single you’ll only be charge €27. All final lengths will be rounded to the nearest minute.

(B) There is a €25 or €40 fee for producing a CD or DDP master. For total lengths under 25 minutes the price is €25, for total lengths greater then 25 minutes the price for producing the master is €40. Longer records take more time to verify hence the price difference between these two rates.

(C) We provide vinyl lacquers, dub-plates or reference cuts at very competitive rates. Please get in touch with us so we can give you a quote on vinyl masters or dub-plates. We’ll be in charge of the mastering and the vinyl masters or dub plates will be a 1:1 copy from the files sent from our studio, done through one of our partners in Europe.

(D) If you need a physical master there’s a fee for shipping it to your country. Please get in touch with us so we can give you a quote on this.


Payment methods and conditions

All payments for international clients must be done in advance. We accept payments through credit and debit card with Paypal and, also, international wire transfers. You can always ask us for a free sample of our work before committing to our services.


Some of our clients and work



The Last Internationale (USA), SirAiva, The Glockenwise, dreamweapon, IMAGINATION (UK), Ricardo Azevedo, Throes + The Shine, Mourah, Killimanjaro, Attavara (CH), Mundo Secreto, B-leza, The Bigger Banger Theory, Duquesa, Potions (USA), The Walks, Jibóia, DJ Overule, Per7ume, Armed Rhymery (USA), Keep Razors Sharp, Mother Abyss, Cambraia, Curinga, STM, Nagelbijter (BE), New Kind Of Mambo, The Mad Moiselle, Stereoboy, Gnomon, Jacie and the Knick Knacks (USA), DJ Daniel Fernandes, The Mean Devils, Bourdon Willie (BE), Lululemon, The Maniacs, ALTO!, Cut Slack, Indigo, Trêsporcento, Starcheck (BE), Mau Amigo, The Loyd, ALF, Booby Trap, Cacau, LM’C (BR), Vircator, PoSAT, GOAH, Wolfy Lonesome (USA), Pernas de Alicate, Fortunes Fool, Eat Bear, captainHorizon (UK), O Corvo Mudo, Johnny Blues Band, D’Alma, Fight The Swing (USA), SOUQ, FixFire (LU), Unzen Pilot, Vespa, Blind Horny Toads (BE), ASPEN, TrYangle, Meio Irmão, Nicotina, Xarabanda, Outfilters, O Martim, Asimov, ZeeSter (BE)…


Sony Music Portugal, Lovers & Lollypops, Vidisco, Warner Music Portugal, Azáfama, NOS/Optimus Discos, Lux Records, Monster Jinx, SASG Records, Edições Convite à Música…